• 2018 Airline Crew Organizer and Flight Record


    This organizer has been carried by crew members around the world representing dozens of airlines.  We hope you too will find it useful and the following features convenient.  

    There are expandable pockets in the front and back covers so you can store and have easy access to those items you need on a regular basis.  Opposite this general information page is a two-year calendar with the major holidays circled for quick reference.  At the beginning of each and every month, you will find the the most popular feature of this organizer:  the clear plastic sleeves.  Use these sleeves to keep your forms, receipts, and trip i.d.'s in one convenient place. The information is then available at a glance.  Next, is a page for you to place a printout of your monthly schedule - for quick and easy reference.  This organizer when all receipts are stored monthly is a lifesaver at tax time!